Slownik Geograficzny

Listings for localites
in the Pruzany District

* Bereza

* Linowa (Linewa)

* Malecz

* Narewka

 * Pruzany


 * Szereszow


A town in the district of Pruzany, political precinct of Bereza, township of Malecz, situated 22 verst from Bereza Kartuz, 18 verst (*) from Pruzany, and 180 (*) verst from Grodno. The homes are almost entirely of timber construction (built in the year 1878). There are 1,189 inhabitants, of these 660 are Jews. The town has a Russian Orthodox church, a synagogue and about a dozen market days, of which the most important is the one on the Monday of the great fast. The Malecz manor belongs to Zawadzki, and measures 800 area, has a distillery, a cement pit, and several tanneries. The township
of Malecz counts 1,460 inhabitants.

* A verst is an old Russian unit of distance, 1 verst =1066.78m or just over 1 km.




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