Slownik Geograficzny

Listings for localites
in the Pruzany District

* Bereza

* Linowa (Linewa)

* Malecz

* Narewka

 * Pruzany


 * Szereszow


Town of Narewka, situated on a river by the same name, is part of the Pruzany district, Polish precinct No.5, located some 60 verst (*) from Pruzany, and 140 verst (*) from Grodno. The town had 863 inhabitants, 448 male and 418 female. Of the inhabitants 778 are Jews. The town features a Russian Orthodox church, a synagogue, a post office and a boat landing. It is governed under a polish precinct, overseeing three townships: Zastawa, Masiewska, and Suchopolska. The town has a Russian Orthodox parish, with deanery in Shershov, listing 2,344 parishoners (1,115 men and 1,229 women). In addition to the parish church, there is also an affiliate church and a chapel on the cemetery grounds. At one time there was also an affiliate of the catholic parish of Jalovka.

* A verst is an old Russian unit of distance, 1 verst =1066.78m or just over 1 km.


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