General Pruzany District

General information pertaining
to the Pruzany District


  • List of 338  (out of 10,000)  Pruzany ghetto residents 
    sent to Auschwitz. Submitted by Jay Lenefsky and Paul Ginsburg.
  • Partial list of people from the Pruzany Ghetto who died in Auschwitz.
  •  VSYA ROSSIA Business directory, 1903 Pruzany district. Submitted
    by Amy Levinson


  • Document about a "HEALTH FUND" that was set up in the 1920s by people from the Pruzany District in Argentina.   Submitted by Yehoshua Serlin.   
  • List of people (NY area) formerly from the Pruzany district who are buried at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Queens, NY. Submitted by Mona Freedman Morris. 
  • Related links compiled by Larry DruckerILL - Inter Library Loan (in the USA) listing of  PSA related books.



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