Israeli Society of Pruzany and the Surrounding Area
Memorial Service 2006
Tel Aviv

 On April 25th, Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), the Israeli Society of Pruzany and the
 Surrounding Area (PSA)
held an annual memorial service.  The service was held at the ZOA House in Tel Aviv. This year the 
 gathering was marked by  a 
change. Since many of the  first generation PSA people are no longer with us,  second
 generation PSA people have stepped forward
to serve on the steering committee (Vaad).
 Serving on the present committee are:

                   1) Avraham Har-Shalom (nee Fridberg) (1st Generation)
                   2) Gadi Ravnitzki (2nd Generation)
                   3) Ditz Auerbach (2nd Generation)
                   4) Klila Ben-Eliyahu (2nd Generation)
                   5) Modi Snir (2nd Generation)
                   6) David Kirat (2nd Generation)

On the Podium sat, from left to right:

Klilia Ben-Eliyahu
Avraham Har-Shalom (nee Fridberg)
Modi Snir
Gadi Ravnitzki
Ditza Auerbach
Israeli PSA Vaad

Approximately between 60 - 70 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation PSA people attended the memorial service.

Berel Ravnitzki, former Pruzany resident and Holocaust survivor briefly spoke about life in Auschwitz.
He told how he became an instant blacksmith (in order to  stay alive) , without any prior experience.
Berel also related how he was involved with saving a Pruzaner's life (an inmate in the woman's sections)
by obtaining ampoules of medication.

                                                                                  Berel Ravitzki

Vaad member Modi Snir spoke about undertaking a project of composing a detailed map of Pruzany.
[ I would like to request that any one with knowledge of where their family lived in Pruzany, Shereshov, Seltz, Malch or Seltz please send me  the information to CPSA. Also anyone who has knowledge of families that lived next door to their family please let me know as well. Bereza already has a fine map.]

Modi also spoke about organizing a trip to the Pruzany District in early August 2006.  When more details are forth coming I will let you know.

Memorial monument and wall:
During this past year (winter 2005) a fence around the "OLD CEMETERY" in Pruzany was built and a memorial monument  was  unveiled in the


In addition to the memorial monument this year a memorial wall will be built on which "landsmen" can commemorate the memory of their beloved ones on plaques. These plaques will be of black marble with an engraving in any language you choose.
Until now the Municipality of Pruzany and Mr. Nickolay Burnos, who was born in Pruzany, have pre financed the project.
The total expenses so far amount to approximately US$16,000. There will be additional costs for the wall and the memorial plaques. Funds must be raised to cover the whole project in order to repay the money to those who pre financed it.

Therefore, the Israeli Vaad decided that a plaque, size 20 x 12 inch, will cost US$500.
the Israeli Vaad calls on all "landsmen" to participate in this project.
You can send your wording for the plaque by e-mail, airmail or fax to:

Avraham Harshalom     E-mail:          Fax: +972-3-6775645
David Breski                E-mail:    Fax: +972-3-6351640
Modi Shnir                  E-mail:       Fax: +972-3-6998885
The account details for your money transfer for the memorial plaque are as follows:
Bank Leumi Le-Israel  B.M.
Jaffa Branch, Branch # 801
1 Jerusalem Blvd., Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Acc.No. 14363/40
SWIFT address: LUMIILITXXX//IL010801
in favor of: The Pruzhany Landshaft Association in Israel

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