Before WWII

Tarbut and Ha'shomer Hatzair Students

Members of Tarbut Library

1928 Members of Ha'Shomer Hatzair

1926 - 1927 Yavneh School Teachers and Students

1929 - First Graduating Class - Yavneh Tarbut School

1935 Yavneh School 5th Class

1935 Yavneh School Committe Members

Comitee Keren Kayemet Le'Israel 1928

1922 Ballot Shereshev, Pruzhany and Lineve

1856 Cover of the Book Printed in Warsaw from Shereshev Rav

Yzkor Stone for Shereshever Holy Jews

Ruinous Great Shereshev Shul

1934 - Orphanage Board

1935 - Jewish Orphanage Staff

Jews that returned to Shereshev after WWII

1927 - 1928 Young Chalutzim

Shereshev Teenagers

Leizer - Levi Winograd's Funeral - 1934

At School

In the Classrom

Jewish Cemetery Photos Taken in 2000

Cemetery View I

Cemetery View II

Cemetery View III

Cemetery View IV

Cemetery View V

Cemetery View VI

Cemetery View VII

Gravestone Yiddish Engraving Very Visible

Gravestone Yiddish Engraving Visible I

Gravestone Yiddish Engraving Visible II

Cemetery Gravestones Engraving Worn - I

Cemetery Gravestones Engraving Worn - II

Cemetery Gravestones Engraving Worn - III

Cemetery Gravestones Engraving Worn - IV

Cemetery Gravestones Engraving Worn - V

A jew's gravestone engraved in Russian - I

A jew's gravestone engraved in Russian - II

Lebersteyn next a Jew's grave

Two Jews in Eastern Orthodox Cemetery

Shereshev in 2000

On the road to Shereshev - 18 km to go

A Street I

A Street II

A Street III

A Street IV and Cemetery Street

Buildings in year 2000

Near Old Priest Orchard in 1908

Typical Current Day House

Fence and House

Priest's House

Priest Orchard Near Square Site of 1908 fire

Joseph Lebersteyn's House

Portrait of Photographer's Father

Modern (!) Transportation Today


Outhouse used by the library

Kislewicz House

Market Building

Street Peddlers from Brest

Snack Bar - formerly a synagogue

The Lady Mayor in year 2000

Lenin Park (Formerly 19 Jewish Stores)

Next to Park Showing former Jewish Store Area

House with Sign Over Door

Elderly Man Remembers Jewish Community

Roman Catholic Church Built in 1848

Jewish Cemetery Photos Taken in 2003

Cemetery General View I

Cemetery General View II

Cemetery General View III

Cemetery General View IV

Cemetery General View V

Cemetery General View VI

Cemetery General View VII

Cemetery Stone I

Cemetery Stone II

Shereshev in 2003

Entrance from Pruzhany I

Entrance from Pruzhany II

Entrance from Pruzhany III

Beginning of Town/ Village

A Bend to Left. Turn Before the Church

Same Church but Closer

The Leshna River

Bridge over Lesna

Ducks on Leshna River

House in Town Square

Same House Left Side

Church to the right on road to Cemetery

Touristguide on Street next to Lenin Park

Houses next to Lenin Park

Corner of Lenin Park

House Close to Market Place

House next to where the old Synagogue was

Corner of old Synagogue - Now Restaurant

Catholic Memorial - Shereshev Yan

Gardens by the road to Pruzhany I

Gardens by the road to Pruzhany II

House in Shereshev I

House in Shereshev II

House in Shereshev III

House in Shereshev IV

House in Shereshev V

Blacksmiths house on Kaminetzer Str.

The Red House I

The Red House II

House at the Corner of Lenin Park

Same House View I

The corner next to Lenin Park


Place where Hebrew school was situated

House to the Right of old Hebrew School

House to the Left of old Hebrew School

House across from old Synagogue

Houses next to Lenin Park

Market Place

Road through village towards Kaminetzer str.

Turn from Shereshev to Pruzhany

Street road from Shereshev to Pruzhany I

Street road from Shereshev to Pruzhany II


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