Copy of Birth Certificate From Pruzany

The Chief Rabbi of Pruzan and the surrounding area.
June 11, 1908
No. 238 ~~~~~~~~~~

The City of Pruzany. District of Grodno

To present to the educational institution.

Given by the Chief Rabbi of Pruzan.The Jewish record book of births, for the city of Pruzany, states as follows: In the year 1896 record number 52 it states that on the 20th of May 1896 in the home belonging to Orvi Chevyesky, a baby boy was born to Yankel Zelipovich Linevo and his wife Mindel the daughter of Lurje.The baby's name is Baruch.

On this document give my signature and the offical stamp of the Rabbi 
( =Rabbiner)

Note: According to the date the Rabbi who signed the document was the second to last chief Rabbi of Pruzany- Rav Eliyahu Feinstein (Father inlaw to Rav Moshe Solovaichik, Grandfather to Rav Yosef Dov (J.B.) and Rav Aharon Solovaichik).

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