Alive from the Ashes By Avraham Har Shalom

A grateful ,  thank you to the author, Avraham Har Shalom,
for giving premission to reproduce parts of his book here on
the CPSA web site.

A BIG, thank you to CPSA member, Yehoshoa (Jose) Serlin , 
for working hard to post this information on the CPSA web
site. Yehoshua scanned the material and then turned it into
text format.

Following are chapters of the book in which the author tells of
life in Pruzany. The time span covers just over a decade and a half
preceding the final German occupation until the liquidation of
the Pruzany Ghetto.

It is suggested to read the whole book detailing the author's personal
experience from the hell of Auschwitz to realizing a personal
dream to make Aliya to Israel.

Alive from the Ashes


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