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Official document:

Every male is obligated to perform his mandatory military service (military draft document).

(Without a time limit)


Age: 22

Height: 2 Archin, 3/28 Vershki

Hair: Black

Eyebrows: Black

Eyes: Brown

Nose & Mouth: Normal

Chin: Bearded

Face: Clean

Special details: None

The resident of the village of Pruz'any, Shmuila Tshasner son of Issacov, a bourgeoisie Jew presented himself to perform his mandatory military duty in 1882. According to the army draft lottery that was held his number was 303 and he was conscripted in the Infantry Reserves.


This document was issued by the Military Draft Office in the Pruz'any district.

Date of issue: 12th March 1883

Document number: 240

Signed by the commander of the Military Draft Office: eligible

Official Stamp of the
Military Draft Office in Pruzany




                  Military Orders according to the law of " Mandatory Military Service"

1.     Annually, after conscripting new recruits to the army , the district commanders of the
       Military Draft Office ( Prisutstviya) hold a lottery among the draftees who are left and
       transcribe these draftees into a reserve list according to the drawn lottery number.
       People who cannot operate a weapon for extreme reasons are exempt from serving.
      ( paragraph 154)

2.     Only in emergency situations (in time of war) are the "Reserve Soldiers" called up to
       perform their military duty. (paragraph 5)

3.     At the end of the war or even sooner if there is no longer a need for them are the
      "Reserve Soldiers" dismissed from active duty. (paragraph 40)

4.     The Reserve Soldier is transcribed in the reserve army list and together with his lottery
       number he is given an open , unlimited, military draft document. (paragraph 160)

5.     In the event that a person wants to get married or enter an official state service ( i.e.
       State clerk ) the military draft document has to be shown.

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