Pinkas Pruzany and It's Vicinity




Pruzana in three encyclopaedias                                                           5

Introduction-Joseph Friedlaender                                                          9

Pinkas of the Kahal in Pruzana-N. Zuckerman                                  17

Privileges-M. Wolansky                                                                             21

The name of the town and date of its foundation-M. Wolansky     23

The assembly of the "Lithuanian State Committee
in Pruzana"-G. Urinsky                                                                              30

The Kahal in Pruzana-G. Urinsky                                                            32

The First World War and the German Occupation-G. Urinsky         36

Public Life as reflected in the Pruzaner Sztyme Weekly                   51

Dr. Olia Goldfein-Alexander Rabey                                                          59

Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik-                                                              62

The last two Rabbis in Pruzana:-Dr. Anna Krakowski                        64 A. Rabbi Eliyahu Feinstein

B. Rabbi David Faygenbaum

Focal-points of Zionism in our town-Joseph Friedlaender                85

Pruzana Jewry in the Ghetto and camps-Zalman Uriewicz               90

German Documentation on the liquidation of the
Pruzana Ghetto in Aushwitz                                                                      115

An escape from Auschwitz-Avraham Harshalom                                 117

Pruzana in the struggle for Jewish honour-Yitzhak Friedberg         120

Memories of the Holocaust-Larry Korman                                               133

The destruction of Bereze-Moshe Tuchman                                          140

The destruction of March-Shmuel Chomski                                            144


My town Shershev in the Death March-Chaim Malecki                          147

The Meetings of the Lithuanian State Committee

in Seltz-Mordechai W. Berenstein                                                        148

The destruction of Linewe-Berl Blustein                                                    151

The United Pruzana Aid Committee in the USA-Philip Kunick             154

The first Organisation of Pruzana Jews in the US-Adina Gross          158

Pruzana Survivors in the US-Morris Sorid                                                 158

Our Townsmen Harold Morrow-Moshe Rudnicki                                     160

Pruzana Landshaft Area Jewry in Argentina-David Forer                      162

The Pruzana Landshaft Association in Israel-Yitzhak Zuta                     168


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