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4. Shershev:

4.1. Background

4.2. Our Home Town

4.3. Rabbis of Shershev

4.4. Ten Years of the Yavne School in Shershev

4.5. The Jewish community

4.6. The General "Gmiles Khosodim" Fund in Shershev





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The Kehillah (Jewish Community) in Shershev*

(in the years 1928-1935)

Every new phenomenon in life calls forth opposition on the part of conservative elements. The kehillah in Shershev, also, provoked strong opposition for whatever reasons, its functions were still very weak, but gradually one notices more breath of life in the kehilla. The thought is becoming more familiar that there must be a boss
over the property of the town, and that [the] influence [of such a boss] on cultural, societal and religious life is a condition of the age.

*This account was published in the above-mentioned Pinkes of the general private folks-shule [people’s school] "Yavneh" run by the Tarbut in Shershev.

This short account and also the budget of the kehillah, complete the work of Z. Yablonovitsh on Shershev, which is published in the introduction to the section "Shershev" in our Pinkes.

Its Founding

In 1928 the leaders of the Jewish communities in Pruzhene received instructions from the Interior Ministry to hold in their Krayzn [district] (Pruzhene, Shershev, Lineve and Oranshits), elections to the kehillah. Two representatives of the leaders of te Jewish Community in Pruzhene traveled to Shershev, called together the important citizens
of the town for a meeting, were an electoral committee of 16 people was formed (half
of them being artisans and the other half merchants). The electoral committee carried out a registration of the population of the town and of the surrounding district. The elections took place in July, 1928. The ballot box with the votes was taken to Pruzhene. As a result of the elections, two parneysim were elected in Shershev: Herr Kopl Hantorovitsh and Herr Meyer Gelman.

An account of the proceedings was sent to the administrative authorities: this was
not confirmed for the kehillah until five years had passed. On January 8, 1933, the division of the kehillah in Shershev was organized with its center in Pruzhene. The secretary, Herr Yankev Meyer Kabizetski, was elected by the parneysim. As time went on, the "Yavneh" school lost the sources of income, e.g., the percentages on kosher
slaughter and Khalot Kodesh, which had been acquired with difficulty by the prezes [chairman] Herr Yekhezkiel Krugman. With difficulty, the chairman succeeded at the budget meeting, in obtaining a relatively large grant for the school. Unfortunately however, this remained on paper only. Taking into account that the expenses of the kehillah, as an institution embracing the whole town were very great, and that its income, on account of the strong opposition of the population were small, it is understandable that the kehillah could not possibly pay the grants it had promised.

Finally, thanks to the efforts of Herr Yekhezkiel Krugman, it was settled that the institutions, including the school, would receive 50% of the income[?] every month, paid in cash.

The Regulations in the Town

During the existence of the kehillah, the parneysim carried out colossal repairs in the public bathhouse, which was very dilapidated… The activities of the kehillah, in
detail, are relected in the following budget [lists on p 549 of original: omitted here].






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