1912 Voter's List (Pruzany District)

Presented  is the Jews listed in 1912 voter's list of the Pruzany District. The project of transliterating the information which encompassed the whole Grodno Province (which can be accessed at  http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/grodno.htm ) was coordinated  by Jim Yarin. The material that appears here is the information which pertains to the Pruzhany District which was in the Grodno Province.

The information here is presented in two ways:
     1) Surname alphabetical order
     2) Shtetl alphabetical order
Surnames: A - F 
Surnames: G - P 
Surnames: R- Z



Shtetls: Bereza, Malech, Narevka

Shtetls: Pogodino, Pruzhany

Shtetls: Selets, Shershevo


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