1930 Polish Business Directory
Pruzany District


Through the help of fellow CPSA members presented here is the information from the 1930 Polish Business Directory of the major areas in the Pruzany District. I would like to thank Yehoshua Serlin for the time, money and effort that went into obtaining this material and led to it being made public here on CPSA. I would also like to thank another CPSA member, Jenny Schwartzberg for her big help in this project too.

I would like to point out to the CPSA public that while many if not most of your close relatives left PSA in the late 1800's and early 1900's others could have stayed on living in PSA up until WW2. So you will most likely discover names that you will either know about or start you thinking, am I connected to this person?

Please keep in mind that the names are Polish spelling not the typical English spelling.

The information is arranged in to ways:
1) Occupation list by shtetl  

2) All names list of  all the shtetls together 

Occupation list by shtetl 
All names list of  all the shtetls together
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