Shershev Yzkor Book Chapter 4

Section 5a


Ten Years of the "Yavne" School in Shershev



The Celebration of the School Graduation


While the school existed, two celebrations were held to mark the graduation of the children in the seventh class. The first graduation was in 1929-1930. The second was in 1932-1933. The latter was especially remarkable for its impressive celebration. More than a hundred people took part. Representatives of all the institutions and local organizations greeted and wished luck to the graduates in their lives. We were greeted warmly by our brothers and sisters in America. We cite here the worthy text of the greetings which shows the devotion of our American brethren to the town of their birth, Shershev, and their intelligent grasp of modern education for the next generation.


"Most respected friends!

Fellow townspeople, energetic upholders of the educational institute Yavneh in Shershev, and great-great-grandchildren of Rebbe Yokhanen Ben Zokhai of blessed memory.

Worthy friends! I am very, very happy to have the honor and pleasure of greeting you heartily and joyously, in the name of Shershev landslait in New York, the Shershev support society, the synogogue in Bronxville and the newly-founded Ladies Auxiliary. We take this opportunity to tell you that our soul is ruled by the thought and emotion which are now with you in our old hometown, Shershev.

On account of the great distance across the sea, and other circumstances, we cannot visit you now. But with an expression to you of our deep, heartfelt sympathies, we take part in your great celebration. We all wish you a happy holiday which will, without doubt, fill everyone’s heart with fresh energy, courage and spiritual resolve to continue the sacred work of educating a future generation that will bring honor to its people and beauty to mankind. We know quite well what you have gone through in the seven years of your existence. We can imagine your struggle, your optimism, your disappointment and all else.  That is only to be expected, given unforeseen causes and the eternal conflict between theory and practice.  They are always at odds, but that should never hold us back, because the principle strength to which we owe our resistance to all attacks, is our tragic but noble history.  In the most difficult conditions and terrible times, we never gave up. Persecutions have been unable to weaken our spirit or stain our honor. Grief and pain have not made our soul petty. This is our strength, with which we will overcome the present crisis and we will go forward with victorious steps accompanied by courage and the perpetual optimism of the Jews.

On this path, you and we will continue the noble work of educating a generation which will bring honor and raise the cultural level of its hometown Sherehev, and of Jewry everywhere.

Secretary: Dovid Gingold

New York, July 6, 1933"



The Graduates and Children who Attended the School


32 Children – 21 boys and 11 girls graduated from the school after having gone through 7 classes. According to their present level, the qualification can be made.  Apart from this, the number of children who attended our school was 60-70. They are all in the organizations "Hashomer Hatsair" (or) "Beytar". The most important part of them are occupied in cultural organizational work. Most know a trade






Without Occupation








Finished Teacher’s Seminary


Private Teacher



Finished Hebrew Secondary  School


Private Children’s Teachers



Attended Secondary School


Finished Technical School



Total Number of Students