Shershev Yzkor Book Chapter 4

Section 6a


Ten Years of the "Yavne" School in Shershev



The Traditions of the School

Every Hanukah, the schoolchildren organized an evening with a colorful program. The evening always made a good impression on the guests. On Lag B’omer (a Jewish Spring festival) there was a magnificent children’s march, with national banners, through the streets of the town and an excursion into the forest.





In the years 1926-1927, 1929-1930, 1932-1933 and 1933-1934, the school was visited by the inspector of the Hebrew "Tarbut schools" in Poland, Mr. A Aynshteyn and the principal of the "Yavneh" school in Pruzhany, Mr. Grinvald. In the years 1930-1931, 1931-1932 and 1933-1934, the school was visited by the government inspectors Mr. Zavadzki and Mr. Leshnikovski



The Children’s Library


When the school was opened, there were already books in a very limited quantity. Thanks to the teacher who organized various events, the library developed more and more. Today, the library numbers 513 books: 362 in Hebrew and 151 in Polish. In the year 1931-1932, principal Peker laid the foundation stone of a pedagogic library for the teachers. The library now numbers 153 books. 118 Hebrew and 35 Polish books.



Various Accidents in the School


As a result of carelessness there were three accidents in the course of the ten years. In the year 1927-1928 a child put a corked bottle into the hot stove. The student Lea Tenenboym, at the request of a younger schoolmate, wanted to take the bottle out but the bottle exploded with terrible force and ripped off the upper lip of Tenenboym. Several children were slightly wounded. In the year 1932-1933, at the end of the school year, the teachers organized an excursion with the children into a nearby forest. In the forest the student Sore Basikhes (12 years old) strayed away from the teachers. She was attacked by a 16 year old, non-Jewish boy who wanted to rape her, but this was prevented by the accidental appearance of some of her fellow students at the scene. On November 9, 1934, the Christian Paulina, servant of the school, heated the stove on Saturday morning and left. The floor of the stage that wss next to the stove caught fire and it then spread to the walls. Children who happened to be in the courtyard of the school noticed the fire. They gave the alarm about the conflagration. Neighbors ran up and, with great effort, localized the fire.



The "Tarbut" library of the Town’s Snif(branch)


The founding of the Snif’s Tarbut library sounds like a legend. In 1923, a group of children aged 14-15 got together and decided to found their own library. The leader of the group was Avrom Averbukh (a son of Shloyme Averbukh). They donated their last, saved up groshns (a Polish small coin worth 1/100 zloty), bought children’s books and called the library, “Hatichiya” (Reborn). The bookcase was in the house of Avrom Averbukh, There, the children gathered and read the books in their own library with confident joy! Gradually, the library came to the attention of other young people, who, with difficulty, became readers in it. The demand for books increased. Then they decided to open the "locked door" to everybody. They gathered the courage to carry out, from time to time, fund raising campaigns among the inhabitants of the town – and the library grew as if yeast was in it. In 1928, the library had 250 books. Meanwhile, in 1925, a second group of young people, among them Khayim Shames, Avrom Kvelman, Yitzkhok Tenenboym, Alter Rasikhovski and Zeydl Beydatsh, of blessed memory, founded for themselves, a reading room in the house of Rokhel Glotser and called it, “Zionist Union”. But the reading-room was soon closed. A certain sum of money remained in the communal chest. What should be done with it? The comrades discussed the matter. They could not come to an agreement. But then they decided to buy the works of Mendele Moykher Sforim. This awoke the "real appetite" of the friends. They became fervent, serious advocates of the plan to create a great library in the town. From time to time they put on theatrical performances and various other events. The library developed more and more. The attendance of readers increased. Their taste was developed by the books that were acquired. On March 3, 1927, the library was legalized under the name of the Snif Tarbut. It then held 180 books. The founders decided to combine with the “Hatichiya” library and thus form one large, general library for the town.  After much negotiation between the representatives of both libraries a contract was agreed upon, containing large discounts for the founders of the Hatchiya library. Thus a mutual agreement was concluded. The 250 books were given to the Snif Tarbut library which now held almost 400 books all told. The library now contains 300 Hebrew books and 500 Yiddish books for a total of 800 books.


In 1936 the board of the library consisted of the following people:

1.      Avrom Kvelman

2.      Leybl Feynbir

3.      Yitskhok Kirzner

4.      Yankev Yudelevski

5.      Moyshe Yakubovitch