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"I come on behalf of G-d,  Sky and Earth Creator, with 10.000 Bibles, 10.000 Rolls of Torah, 10.000  "mezuzot" and 10.000 good angels that guard me. I decide that "bad eyes" doesn't dominate and no catastrophe happens to this boy. Here I come with the purity of G-d and his power, I come with the stars, in  patriarchs' Abraham, Itzhak and Jacob privilege, in matriarchs' Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah privilege, and in grouper of fair and merciful,  so they protect this boy."


"I came here for the first time saying expressions which remove "bad eyes" from this boy. This boy is different, either when he suckles or eats or drinks, for the sun or for the heat, for the father or the mother, for those who serve in this house, or for an  malicious encounter. He is possessed by a fright happened during the night, by a cow, by a dog, or a pig. Is possessed by a woman or by a man.  Is scared by somebody small or big, and young or old, or for wicked eyes, or for a wicked heart, and G-d doesn't want it, by the air, or by fevered tears, and wicked tongs."


"Should wicked things be expelled of this boy, and disappear with the smoke, with the wind on the waters, on the fields. There where it is a fortified castle and under padlock all wicked things should be contained and will not domain this boy. Without breaking him, without puncturing him, without burning him, neither his head, neither his eyes, neither his legs, neither his spine, neither his stomach, neither his heart, neither his 248 members and 365 veins will not be damaged in this boy. As well as the Earth is silent will be silenced his pains."




"Bad eye"

a)      Should not be cleaned eyes of another person without  washing before the hands, because will be  caused him "bad eye". 

b)      If a baby no longer suckles, and is given to suckle again, when he grows will transmit "bad eye", and  will be necessary to take care of him.  

c)       To avoid "bad eye" it is necessary to put on a bag salt, pepper, and pieces of clay of the oven.


Eight days after a person dies, should not be passed around his bed, because the soul returns to visit the sick person. 


a)      If one places a child recently born with the face toward the wall, will have a yellow face. 

b)      When one fears a boy will have "bad eyes",  is necessary to place on boy's neck a tape with mouse eyes 

c)       Clothes of a recently born ,  internal side should not be turned to wash. 

d)      To a recently born, should be placed religious book under his head to frighten bad spirits. 

e)      If a small boy dies, he should not be taken out the house through the door but through the window (so this is last time it happens)  

f)        To a shy boy, is necessary to sell him (symbolically), to a woman that already raised her children. (An old Jewish woman told : she sold her son for three " groshen " to another Jewish woman, and this boy lived more years than others). 

g)      What is thrown to a pregnant, her son will enjoy 

h)      A boy that is born of elder parents, first 6 years should be dressed with canvas clothes. The same thing should be proceeded with a shy boy (in the town was dressed this way a boy until 8 years old, but he had shame to get dressed in white, and for that reason was tinted all his clothes) 

i)        A baby is not grabbed from behind but from before. 

j)        At night should not be hanged boy's clothes, since they will be taken by bad spirits 

k)       The first son after 10 years of marriage, should sleep one year in the cradle. 

l)        Before grows to a baby, the moon should not be shown to him

m)    Before teeth is one year old, should not be shown to a baby a mirror, since the teeth will grow him difficulty 


Braided bread

a)      When is left braided bread  mass to bake, a piece should be thrown and  burned in the oven. When moving away the burnt piece it should not be thrown to street.  A pig or a dog can eat it, and somebody of the family will become of a different religion.

b)      When moving away a piece of mass used to make braided bread it is said:    

Braided bread I will take

On the fire I will burn it

It will stay in fire

Before the celestial throne I will put it


Crumbs of bread should not be thrown, because goes away home sustenance

By night


a)      If water is thrown at night, should be said three time "take care, I throw water" (to frighten ghosts) 

b)      If one goes at night on a road,  he should not turn his head (he is pursued by ghosts) 

c)       If one passes at night in front of a synagogue, or in front of a destroyed house, and listens that is called by his name, should not answer. If answers, is caught by bad spirits.



It should not be put  candles on the floor. This is done when there is a deceased


a)      It should not be returned home of the cemetery after a funeral, by same way used to go to it (a death angel  continues being in the road by which passed the retinue).

b)      If one returns of the cemetery, it is necessary to wash hands, and it is necessary to put the pitcher with the base up.


On Saturday cannot be retired cloth of the table, because the hall doors of the hell will open up


a)      In a new cradle, before placing recently born, should be first be rocked a cat or a hen. 

b)      An empty cradle should not be rocked since will headache the baby (other say that the baby will die). 


It should not be shaken feet, because one curses parents.

Cutting wood

Cut firewood on the threshold is not owed , because you can break family sustenance



The relative of a deceased should not be left alone in the street, until after  deceased's funeral. 


a)       Until third earth shovel, deceased listen to crying people.

b)       Water should be thrown to three houses around which a cadaver lies

Destroyed house

To a destroyed house should be moved away chimney and roof.


a)      When you wake up in the morning, look through the window and you will forget the dream

b)      If you place clothes of another person at evening on your bed, you will dream about the person to whom that garment belongs


Two people should not dress a boy at the same time (to a deceased, several people should place the shroud).


It should not be drunk before "kiddush" (sanctification of wine), because is drunk water that belongs to parents in paradise.

Dying person

If a dying person is put to bed on a hens feather cushion, he will have a painful death.



a)      It should not be eaten with two tablespoons, because with the second devil eats.

b)      Two utensils should not be used at the same time.

Field measurement  

"Measure a field", refers to cases of serious illness. Procedure is as follows: Some women go to cemetery, one holds a  wool ball in the apron, and the other walks around the cemetery. Then  threads are placed in a vessel with wax, and candles are produced saying:

I had a mother called Tzeitele

For her soul I set fire a candle

I coil it long, long..

These candles are given then to  Bet Medresh


a)      On Thursdays should not be cut fingernails, because third day afterwards, on Saturday, will grow again. (a Jewish old woman told that was annulled this habit because on Thursday are lit logs to heat public bathes, and in that moment fingernails were cut) 

b)      long fingernails should not be used, because bad spirits are under them, and they drive people by bad roads. 

c)       the cutting of fingernails should not be thrown, because bad spirits will be spread by the house. Another reason is that a pregnant can step them, and abort for that reason. 

d)      Should not thrown fingernails because bad spirits pick up them again.


Fire should not be spit; grains will come out in tongue


A frog should not be killed, since it will curse parents. 


a)      At evening garbage should not be thrown 

b)      When somebody leaves for a trip, the house is not swept;  if it is swept is considered as if he would be tossed from house 

c)       When a deceased is taken, the house is swept and garbage is thrown 

d)       If a neighbor gets angry with the  house owner, he sweeps the whole house and all garbage is taken out, so the house is empty.  

e)      If one throws garbage to a pregnant, the body of the recently born will have scabies.


When a goat is to die, should be thrown salt on three bridges.


If somebody steps purified water,  will have grains.


a)      A gravedigger should not enter alone a house. A dislike grimace should be made.

b)      A gravedigger should not be said "have a good year", " good night ", etc.


a)      If somebody passes through a window, doesn't grow 

b)      If one passes over the feet of a person, that person doesn't grow. 


a)      Clothes should not be placed in bed head , because the person will have bad dreams

b)      A person should  not be standing next to the head of a sick person, because there is death angel


a)      If a hen puts an egg at evening should not be looked , because it can get blind sickness.

b)      If you bring a new hen to the house, in order it doesn't forget the place, is necessary to cut it's line and to push it to give three turns around the table. Then it may go


If one has hiccup, is necessary to pull him up a lash, then is known who speaks of him.


Should not be passed where horses tumble. If you do, warts will grow you.


Who enters a new housing  should bring bread and salt.


When blessing, a knife should not be placed in front of the eyes (because when blessing, the person can get excited when he names Jerusalem , may grab the knife, and something bad may happen). 


When the meat is salted, should be lit two lights (a candle and a lamp) and it should be said: "where I didn't salt, should do it the good angels." 


It should not be place down the mirror (is put this way when there is a deceased)


It should be put a coin in the base of a house, since it gives luck.


a)      A small boy should not sleep in front of the moon.  

b)      A pregnant woman should not sleep in front of the moon. If she does it and her stomach is uncovered, the child can be a moonstruck.  


A wet cloth should be placed next to the bed. When the person gets off the bed,  steps on the cloth and  wakes up. 


Last mouthful should not be left, because later he will be hungry.  


During Saturdays is eaten onion, in allusion to seven skin that recover it, which symbolize the seven days of the week. The head of the onion should not be eaten, since it harms the memory. The same thing with the radish.


A parturient with childbirth difficulties, should be tied from her bed until the ark of Torah rolls in Bet Medresh. After childbirth, she should not be left alone at evening for four weeks. She may leave during afternoon, after 8 days. (in the year 1929 happened real facts according to which pregnant women were kidnapped).


When you full with feathers a new cushion, are placed small in it  parts of sugar (to sweeten the life).

Poppy seeds 

Place poppy seeds under the pillow of a sick person. It will cure him 


a)       A pregnant should not cross alone a bridge or a puddle of water 

b)      When a pregnant gets scared and places a hand on a part of her body, the baby will have stains in same place of the body 

c)       The same thing that the above-mentioned, if she is scared by a fire 

d)      A pregnant should not step the reins of a cart, because during childbirth might wind the umbilical cord to the neck of the baby 

e)      If is thrown water to a pregnant, the boy will like to play with water. 

f)        If is thrown embers to a pregnant, the boy will have burning grains. 

g)      If a pregnant crosses a threshold, and is hit a blow to the threshold, the baby will have a broken lip. If she  turns, and did not pay attention, nothing will happen to the child. 

h)      A pregnant should not fix clothes ruined by mice, since if does it, her milk will fail. (a Jewish old woman told it happened to her sister-in-law) 

i)        To a pregnant should not be denied things that she requests borrowed, because rats will destroy those things.


If one sees a priest passing, should unfasten a button. If one proceeds this way, won't lose anything.

Psalm verses 

These inscriptions are hung in parturient house, but only where wicked spirits can enter (doors, windows, oven).

Purified water

Water thrown  on the cadaver of a religious man, has healing powers. With this purified water  wounds are washed to a sick person, also sick legs of a boy that cannot walk (purified water thrown on the cadaver of a old Pruzhany Rabbi , caused a great commotion in the city, and there were discussions and fights). 


It should not be shown a rainbow to somebody, because who see it is a sinner, and who does not see it is a fair person. If it was something accidental, he should bite a finger. 


a)      Should not be spit a dead rat; it will come at night and will gnaw clothes

b)       they should not be cursed  because they multiply themselves

c)       Should not be entered a neighbor's house  with food in the mouth, because it will bring rats 

Roof beam

The ceiling should have an odd quantity of beams, it will be a sign of luck.  


When the rooster cackles, ghosts escape.

Saturday night 

a)      On Saturday night a clean shirt should not be dressed (because then dead were buried) 

b)      It should not be sewn then; may die soon 

c)       If you bring water on Saturday night, you should pour three times  a little; this is called "Miram's water" 

d)      Saturday night before " Havdala " water should not be drunk, because souls are soaked in  water. If somebody drinks it, and is not left enough for souls, then is said to souls: "go, go, your son already drank the water"


Do not sew a button if a person uses that garment, because is also sewn his intelligence. If is already done the person should chew a thread. (an old Jewish woman tells that a pregnant  sewed a hook on a garment while using it, and the recently born had the lip bind to the gums, and  seemed a hook)


When a person uses a pair of shoes for the first time, should not be said: " Good health for using them for the first time", because some people say that he could be feel offended. Others say: "it is a compassion expression for animals, because shoes are made of leather of an animal that lived, and this way is offended G-d's creation.


When children cry for their mother's death, shrouds become moist.


Should not be slept with feet toward door, because deceased are placed this way .


If you anoint your face with first snow, it will be white whole year, and you won't be afraid of freezing.


If one spits another person, removes his sins.


It should not be walked  in stockings by house, except for bereavement days. 

Stretcher for deceased's transport

After a funeral, the stretcher should be shaken three times (some break it, take out a nail or they cut a piece) so that there is no any more deaths and there is not need to use it again.


A house should not be swept at the same time with two brooms, because only when happens a death is cleaned this way, and will have rats in the house.


a)      Small children should not eat fish neither eggs, because will grow him teeth slowly (some say,  eat fish harms language).  

b)      If you eat something gnawed by mice you will have healthy teeth.


a)      If you fear thunders, eat bread with mold. If you eat bread with mold, you won't fear thunders.

b)      If it thunders, is necessary to put a stick in the chimney


When a tooth falls, should be said three times: "small rat, small rat, I give you a bone tooth, give me a iron one"


If a boy comes for the first time to visit to a house, it should be well treated with sugar.


a)      It should not be allowed to boil a pot of water without putting something inside, at least some  salt. If not, it will cause a fight.

b)      Some people say that if there is a deceased, it is necessary to boil only water.

Water well

During evenings, water of well should not be taken out, because inside the well  ghosts dance


At evening the word wedding should not be pronounced (at night are carried out ghosts weddings).


a)      Should not be whistled in a house because  poverty may whistle 

b)      Should not be whistled at night, because are called bad spirits (in general should not be whistled)


It is not necessary to be surprised for a wound ("bad eyes" fear ).