In our Pinkas, pages 94/98 is the biography of Pruzhany's  Rabbi, R' ELIOHU FAINSHTEIN written by his son-in-law Rabbi DAVID HA'LEVY FAIGNBOIM. We don't have precise details of his last  road traveled as martyr. We know that he perished, but really how, where and which way, exists  different versions (TN: See Chapter " Selection" in Har'shalom's book in this web and you will find how was treated in Auschwitz). One thing is evident; he perished sanctifying His name.


We bring here a report published in US Memorial Journal, Pruzhany Relief, New York 1949, written by one of the survivors that saved miraculously in Pruzhany. The report has the following title:




This was not a common funeral. Nobody died, no family is orphan, and a lot of  people did not know about this. Very early, 4 a.m., when all still slept, a " minian " (ten Jewish males) walked through the dark streets of Pruzhany's Ghetto directed by the Rabbi R' DOVID. They took a big drawer. Wanted chance that I saw them, and in spite of not being a religious Jew, and not to be integrated to the group, I joined them because they were the most religious men of the city, together with the rabbis of Malech and Zabludove.


When I joined the group, I could not restrain and cried whole walk from the Bet Medresh to the cemetery. They walked in silence on the narrow and dark back streets, taking a treasure to be buried. A treasure that they won't sell for any money of the world, a treasure of thousands years. They take the rolls of the " Torot " (TN: plural of Torah) for burying them. They joined all sacred rolls of all Batei Midrashim and they take them to the cemetery.


In that moment appeared in my thoughts: how many martyrs perished for these sacred rolls? Jews that  never exchanged  their Torah for material promises, would not receive any price for her. For that reason they don't want to leave it to Hitler.  They buried them, hide them, until a certain time, until a Jew exhumes them. And then the Torah lives again. 


We arrive at the cemetery. The Rabbi of Pruzhany recites the Kaddish for the Torah. His voice trembles, but at the same time he feels its strength and its heroism. In spite of the enemies, the Torah will live. If we don't end up living it, future generations will take them out and they will revive them. 


With this last echo of last religious leader of Pruzhany, ends last chapter of our truncated native city, of our dear Saint Community Pruzhany.