Pruzhany, Shereshev, Bereza, Malech, Selets, Lineve and Surrounding Villages


This Newsletter brings to our members an impressive list of accomplishments – new initiatives, additions to prior initiatives and news of future projects.



In previous newsletters we have mentioned that the Shereshev and Malech Yizkor books have been completely translated and are posted our in our Web.  Since then we have completed the following translations and postings.


PRUZHANY – A complete historical, cultural description of life from circa 1400 until the holocaust. The complete translation of basic history encompasses 27 Chapters.  Currently 43 chapters have been posted on our web site.  Read them and visualize what life was like in those ancient times. In addition, the City Yzkor Book Index of 1930, which was included in the 1958 Yzkor book, has been posted separately as a reference.


BEREZA – The complete Yzkor Book has now been translated.  There are 280 pages of fascinating stories of this town. We acknowledge the support given by BARG (Bereza Area Research Group) for the Bereza project.  


SELETS – Several chapters have been translated and posted.  The remaining chapters are being proofed and should be finished very soon.


LINEVE – This Yzkor has been translated and posted.




The book “Alive from the Ashes” by Avram Har’Shalom (Frydman) is composed of 19 Chapters plus an Index. We have previously translated and posted 5+ chapters.  The remaining chapters and index are being worked on.   This book is a fascinating account of life in Auschwitz.


NOTE: When the above is completed, it will document over 500 years of the life, culture, history and finally the destruction of Pruzhany Uyzed.



1837-1853 Revision Lists for Pruzhany, Shereshev and Bereza have been added.  All towns are now finished and posted.  This overlaps the previously posted Revision of 1850-1857.  Comparing the two Revisions will bring to light certain differences in the reported ages of the residents.



The formatting and posting of Shereshev, Bereza, Malech, Selets for the years 1912-1915 were accomplished since our last newsletter.  Previously we reported that Narevka 1912-194 and Bereza 1912 were formatted and posted.  Pruzhany will be added shortly. 



In our last newsletter we reported that Shereshev and Malch for 1910 plus Narevka for 1910-1914 were posted.  Selets for 1910 has since been posted.  We now have all towns in the Pruzhany Uyzed posted.



This Duma for 1907 is the first effort by our new researcher in St. Petersburg, Russia.   Our web now has 1906, 1907 and 1912 Voter Lists.