Volume 2-2

June 2002


We are pleased to announce that we have concluded negotiation with a research team in St. Petersburg who are presently working on our first project to obtain historical information from the very important Russian Archives in their city.  This is a very exciting venture for PURS, as we believe that are Fonds of interest to the Pruzhany area in these archives that no longer exist in Grodno, Belarus.


Our Yizkor Book project is continually adding more translated memory stories from Pinkus Pruzhany to our web site.  As we reported in past Newsletters, we have posted in our web site the completed translation of Malech and Shereshev.  Pruzhany, Bereza and Selets are partially completed.  These Yizkors are very large however we expect to have them completely done by the end of the year. 


To all our members and friends, we want you to know that the translation and formatting of the Yizkors has become more costly to us over the past year.  We have been fortunate to receive financial support in this project for Bereza that has helped us to accelerate its completion.  Also a former resident of Selets has made a contribution for to support that Yzkor project.  We are asking Pruziners, Seletsers and Linevers to consider making a contribution for their ancestral homes’ Yzkor project.  Your check made payable to HJM Consulting Co, and mailed to PURS, PO Box 40003, Staten Island, NY 10304 will be appreciated.

Write the name of the Yzkor to which you are donating on your check.




New Additions To Our Web

PEREPIS 1897 – ALL RUSSIAN CENSUS: Towns of Pruzany, Narevka, Villages of Bakuny, Gorech, Lichaselcy and Estates of Zditova, Karolin, and Selishche.  ALPHA LISTS – OWNERS OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY: 1913 Malech, Narevka and Shershev.  LIST OF PAYERS OF STATE TAXES FROM PROPERTY: 1912 Bereza, Narevka and 1914 Narevka

VARIOUS LISTS FROM YZKORS: Immigrants Bereza to Israel, Pruziners who died before 1958 in Israel and America, 1929 Members of Kahal.  ADDED TO LISTS UNDER 100: 1911 Bereza donors to Israel Construction, 1958 Yzkor Book authors and volunteers, 


Recent Researcher Completions to be added shortly – 3000 names

LIST OF PAYERS OF STATE TAXES FROM PROPERTY: 1912-1915 Bereza, Malech, Seletx, and Shershev. LISTS OF OWNERS OF PROPERTY: 1910 Malech, Shershev, Narevka, and 1912 Narevka. REVISION LIST 1853: Bereza, Malech, Pruzhany. 


PURS exists for the benefit of its members and your Board of Directors hope that you have enjoyed your membership.  Your input is important to us, so kindly let us know how you feel about your Society and its website. If you have any pictures or old documents relating to your family’s shtetl that you would consider donating to our Gallery of Images, let us know.  Send messages or comments to or