Volume 2-1

February 22, 2002



We are issuing a Special Newsletter to inform you of major additions to our Website since our last issue in December. Our researchers aided by our volunteers have discovered, transliterated and formatted much valuable new information from the National Archives in Grodno.



Among the new postings you can now view are the following:


Owners of Real Estate in Pruzhany Uyzed for Pruzhany town for years 1852, 1910 & 1912 and Bereza for the year 1910 over 1800 entries listing name, patronymic, street. Currently being investigated are Shereshev, Malch, Selets, Lineve for 1910 and 1912; Narevka 1910 & 1914 and Bereza 1912; all of these documents we have good reason to believe exist. We have confirmation of lists of payers of State taxes from property 1912-1915 and owners of trade-industry enterprises 1913; they will be coming soon. Also being investigated are Revision Lists for 1853.


Emigration (Pruzaners) to Argentina from Grodno Gubernia between the years1895 and 1902 - 1500 names.


In a series of short lists, the names of Pruzhany Soldiers in the Years 1844,1870,1871,1873 and 1874.



Other News and Notes:


Our Yzkor Book translation projects are coming along nicely. Selets is 25% completed. More than 100 pages of Pruzhany, a very large Yzkor, are translated and after formatting will soon be posted. Fully one half of Bereza is completed and posted. Shershev and Malch were completed some time ago and are posted.


The PURS board is very proud of all of our accomplishments in the first year of our existence. There are now in excess of 25,00 names in the lists that can be viewed in our website.


There is still a great deal of information available in the archives that our researchers can obtain. We are dependant upon your support to enable this research to continue.


PURS exists for the benefit of its members and your Board of Directors hope that you have enjoyed your membership. Your input is important to us, so kindly let us know how you feel about your Society and its website. Send your comments to or