Volume 1-2

December 27, 2001


This issue of newsletter features Yzkor Books and new postings to our web site.


We are indebted to our volunteers for their remarkable accomplishment in translating, typing, proofreading, editing, indexing and formatting Memory Stories.  In alphabetical order they are:

                                               Leonard Maletz

                                               Louise Silverman Maletz

                                               Herbert Maletz

                                               David Waldshan


Status of Yzkor Project:

1. Malch - This story is completed and is posted on our Web Site.

2. Shershev – This story is completed and is posted on our Web Site.

3. Kartuz Bereza - This has recently started, the index is complete is posted.  Translation, Editing,

and Proofreading is about 25% complete and is posted. 

4. Pruzany – Work on this story has been underway for some time.  100 pages have been translated

5. Selets - Is underway and is about 15% completed.

6. Lineve – Started with very little accomplished at this time.


Status of Research Activity:

            Our paid researcher has been very busy and productive.  Two major research assignments are completed:

                                   Revision Lists (2 year comparative censuses of males for determining military draft availability)

for the years 1806vs1811and for the years 1850vs1857 have been formatted and  posted. All of the PURS shtetls are included. These revision lists contain over 3000 names.

Volunteers have completed the following, all of which have been formatted and posted.:

An index of names mentioned in the Kartuz Bereza Yzkor books (over 3000 names).  

A list of emigrants to Argentina – 1500 names.

Indexes of names of immigrants in the Ellis Island database.  About 4000 names are in the index that simplifies the look up of information about your ancestors.

Business directories for the years 1895, 1899, 1903, 1911 and 1930

Other lists including: Bereza Residents Before WWII, Residents Who Died in Ghettos and in the War against Nazis, Soldiers in the War of 1904-5,


Status of Images:

Pictures of long ago and more recently, including 280 images PURS shtetls & villages have been posted to our web site, including pictures, maps, documents and general information                 


Call for member’s assistance:

Are there any members of their families who would share pictures, postcards, and letters from the PURS area.  We are hopeful of adding much more to our Images section (particularly are from Malch, Selets and Lineve) in the coming year.

Do you have some time on your hands? – we could use volunteers to proofread English text.  Also we need Spanish to English translators.


We encourage all members to keep checking our web site that is continually updated with new information.


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