Moishe Chaim Nun




My writings happened in Pruzhany, beginning in 1905.  I remember it very well because in that time I was 9 years old. In that year, 1905, waves of rebellions took place in all Russia against the czar, and echoes arrived to Pruzhany. I remember that there was an organization integrated by young and adult men and women, called " Bund ". Headed this organization YRMIYAHU, son of SHEINE ZLATE. All he ordered should be obeyed. Accompanied him a girl friend that helped him very much, named YTKE daughter of ESTHER, who was mother of several children. They printed a proclaim against the czar in an out of law printing , and  called youth to join the Bund.


Besides the great "Bund" there was a small "Bund". Most of it's members were males of Cheder. We went to the Batei Midrashim "Achnosas Orchim" and "Malbush Arumim". We left one, and entered the other . Saturdays morning, while parents remained praying in synagogue, we went out with small sticks in the hand, two of us taking ends of same small stick, and we were this way united (TN: "Bund" means "union") in the streets. We sang revolutionary songs that great Bund taught us.


When arriving to Police building, we hung some red pennants  on the small sticks that we had hidden , but we could not advance because policemen, taken hand by hand, formed a human chain all  wide the street, from the house of RIFKE SOSL until the business of SENDER NITZBERG, in such a way that we could not advance. Then, we escaped each one to his house, to eat some "tshont" (TN: see description of this meal in another chapter) and "kugel" (TN: a type of cake of grated potatoes).   


We repeated this operation during many Saturdays until one day, our parents received a special report ordering them to meet local authority. The small Bund had to fight in two fronts, against the czar and against parents. Most of males had great respect and fear for parents. The small Bund disappeared, but most of us helped as we could  .


I remember the following case: meetings of Great Bund were carried out in great Bet Medresh, on Fridays evening. While we remained with our parents during Fridays prayers, before retiring we removed windows chains so they remain open, in order youths could enter for the meetings. At the end, we should give up this plan, because the following morning, on Saturday, were found on the floor remains of lit cigarettes from Fridays nights.  


Little by little arrive calm to the city. Was detained YRMIAHU son of SHEINE ZLATE and some leaders, among them YAKOV ALTER VEXLER and his brother SHLOIMKE. The younger brother LIBER and his son were sent very far in Russia.


Here or there happened disorders, in Christian festivities days. When the market was full with peasants, revolutionary youths hung flags in the business and other places. The police started up and destroyed flags. Revolutionary gentiles tried to reject police force, and then affrays and fights took place. The festival sale, Jewish source of revenues,  was destroyed. 


With time, came a complete silence.  Arrived from Russia "dragons" soldiers, and they imposed  order.