The Jewish Community In Malch                                                                               by Samuel Apelboym
Three Cemeteries
The Jewish Institutions in Malch
The Bath
The Synagogues
The Rabbis of Malch
Students and "Cheders" (Traditional religious schools)
The Ritual Slaughterers
Old Time "Healers" and Doctors
The Printed Word
The Library
The Orchards
The Years of The First Russian Revolution During The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1906
The Court And The Brewery
The First Of May
The Destroyed Fairs
The German Capture the Region
Malch Under The First German Occupation
The Austro-Hugarians Establish Their Regime in Malch
The Governor
A Company Of Soldiers From The Bereze Barracks
The Russo Japanese War
A Wedding In Malch
The Post Office
Excommunication In The Town
The Zionist Movement In Malch
The Military Conscription
The Year 1914
In The Midst Of The Fire
Field Work and Forced Labor
The Austrians Departed and, Again, We Are Under The Germans
The War Ended But Thee Is No Peace
The German Authorities Depart – The Ukrainians Arrive
Anarchy – Gangs Revel and Carouse
Legionnaires and Bolsheviks
We Are Going Over To Poland
Among Polish Lithuanian Jews                                                                                           by Jacob Mestel
Rabbi Zalman Sender                                                                                                         by M. Tzinovitzer
Malch Between both World Wars                                                                              by Schmuel Chomsky
September 1939
Soviet Power In Malch
The Destruction Of Malch                                                                          by Schmuel (Samuel) Chomsky
Nazi Murder In Malch
The Sabbath of Lech L’Cha
The Jew from Malch Who Became A “Nazi Officer”                                              by Chaim-Beryl Lazars
Very Few Jews Who Remained From Malch                                                          by Koppel Nissenbaum
Our Little Town of Malch No Longer Exists                                                   by Moshe Friedman (Zarate)

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