A, Zakheim




When we were liberated, we knew that we didn't have anybody of our family and friends. Our families were annihilated in Auschwitz crematories. We knew that we would not return home, nobody would wait for us there, only burnt houses and sad  reality.  But we knew that we  were not completely orphan. We knew that there in the Great America, beyond the sea, were our Landsmen, our people of Pruzhany.


In the first opportunity, through an American soldier, we wrote the first letter. We didn't request help, neither food packages, neither money. Only G-d knows that we were naked, barefoot and not well fed. No, we didn't request help. We send a list of Pruzhany survivors (TN They were in Feldofing. PURS people found this list in YIWO New York, which is posted in our web). We waited impatient an answer. Days passed, also weeks, there was no answer.  The mail didn't work in regular form, but  Landsmen gave a letter to a good Jewish soldier, and through him we received a very warm answer.


There is no money that can pay simple and common words . We didn't wait material help promises . Only the feeling that we are not alone, that have siblings and sisters that worried about us. That is more expensive than money. Warm relations, an  extended hand good will, real concern, and at the end, material  help. Through different ways, by mail, casual opportunities. 


It was a light ray that illuminated in the darkness that descended on us, in the night of the robbery and  Nazi crimes.