Yakov Shraibman





YOSL was the son of R' SHLOIME KLEINERMAN, well-known in Pruzhany as an observant and honest Jew. Considering that their home fulfilled religious norms, anyway his children received universal instruction.  Under difficult material conditions three of the children studied in Vilna and there  received higher instruction. The youngest of them, YOSL, had two years when his mother ROCHEL died . Under worse conditions he could face same way of his older siblings. First he studied in rural school, then in Polish State High School. He stood out as a very good student, especially in mathematics. His professor, far from being in favor of Jews, predicted that only KLEINERMAN could be his heir.


After he finished High School he entered  Vilna University. Parallel to  study, he dedicated to social activity. Worked in YIWO and in Jewish organizations circles. He was always busy and full with   good attitude to benefit people, ready to help in difficult moments. After finishing his studies, accepted a mathematics teacher's  position in TARBUT schools in Volin, There he begins to build his family life. As talent teacher, he acquires popularity in school circles, and was awaiting him a brilliant future. When he was willing to travel to Pinsk as teacher of  Hebrew high school, WWII out broke annulling all its projects.


At WWII beginning, when the areas of Russia and Ukraine were occupied by Russian power, he was sent as outstanding mathematician  to a course in the Academy of Sciences of Kiev. Not any person could arrive at that level. He came back with an high amount of scientific knowledge. Soon  Soviet-German war out breaks. YOSL hurries to join his family in Dombrowitz, and there ran destiny of all Jews . He perished with his wife BRAINE FORER, and their only son SHLOIMELE. 


Be their souls united to life.