Chapter VI Section K



About 4500 Jews lived in Kartuz Bereze and it's surroundings on the eve of the Second World War.  Just about all of them were murdered in the holocaust.

Included in this Chapter are the names of about 2500 men, women and children, residents of our town.  In most cases the person's full name, location of their residence in the town, and also family relations are noted.  In many cases only the family relation is listed because, even though the editors and the rest of the survivors of Kartuz-Bereze made a collective effort, they weren't able to remember all the names.

The list of survivors and the list of those who fell fighting, a total of about 100 names, are detailed in Section A of Chapters VII and Chapter VIII. Thus there are many names missing from the "Yizkor" list.

The editors and the survivors of Kartuz Bereze who are alive today, made every effort to include every name.  To our great dismay, we weren't still able to add more names to the list.  It has to be understood that, after 50 and sometimes more years, it isn't possible to remember each and every name; only the survivors shown in the pictures appear in this book.  In many cases we were not able to identify the person.  Even though they were in front of us.

Although only about 2500 names are listed below, we mourn over 4500 of our brothers, sisters, parents, relatives, neighbors and just simply residents who were annihilated from this world, just because they were Jews.  May G-d remember them for the better along with the other righteous of the world, and take revenge on the spilled blood of your servants!