Born in 1905 in Kartuz Bereza. His first education was received in a " Cheder " and then in a "Progressive Cheder".  He learned with a private teacher mathematics and Russian. Together with  AIZIK MOLODOVSKY, father of poet KADIA, studied Hebrew and also learned same language in  the Synagogue "Tiferet Bachurim",  and literature in evening courses.


In his youth he joined Zionist movement, and collaborated in Kartuz Bereza in Zionist and Hebrew activities. In year 1922, for recommendation of YAKOV GORALY (GROZALKA)  entered "Hebrew Teachers Seminar " Tarbut " in Vilna, where studied during 5 years. In his fourth year of studies, the Seminar sent him for one year to the village Vasilishky to work as Director and substitute teacher of general studies of the Hebrew School, because its Director had been mobilized to the army.


When concluding his studies in the Seminar Tabut of Vilna, was authorized to act as a teacher. During three years, he taught in Kltetzk and in Dombrowska, and then  directed Tarbut School  in Pulaby. Then he passed to Tarbut School in Rovna, and he taught there Hebrew subjects. Toward ends of October 1939, when Poland was defeated by Germans, he returned to Vilna and  remained there one and half years. Then he came out toward Eretz Israel, and arrived in January  1941.  


In Eretz Israel he worked in teachers organization and then he acted as teacher. At the same time he studied in Hebrew University and  received a  M. A degree. With instruction of Professor  YOSEF KLAUZNER, wrote his thesis about "Hebrew Education in the work of PERETZ SMOLENSKY".  In 1957 he published his thesis which afterwards enlarged and completed. The book was published by the Editorial " Dvir ", and he received the Klauzner prize of Tel Aviv Municipality.  


He settled down later  in Haifa and  was accepted as teacher in "Bet Sefer Ha'realy" School, as language and literature professor.  Remained in this position until retirement.  


NOACH PENIEL was one of the founders of  Writers Union in Haifa and its  Secretary during 30 years. He also concentrated efforts in "Writers of Haifa" organization that published about 20 books, fruits of their efforts. 


He also published in newspapers, among them:  "Pages", " Scale ", " Young Laborer", " Davar ", "Davar for children", " Alert ", " Futures " and " Carmelit ". 


He published many research papers and books. The following are among his books:   



"Red skies", Vilna 

"On the threshold of abyss", Jerusalem 

"Hidden panoramas", Tel Aviv 

"White path", Haifa 

"Evening  talks", Haifa 

" Poems ", Jerusalem 

"Silhouettes procession ", Tel Aviv. 


Series "Education Issues" 


"History of Tarbut educational institutions in Poland", Jerusalem 

"History of Jewish Education in Poland", Jerusalem 

"The Hebrew Education in PERETZ SMOLENSKY ", Tel Aviv 

"Reflections on literature and education", Tel Aviv 

"Chapters on the history of  Hebrew Education" Tel Aviv. 

"For the teacher and instructor (educational chapters)", Haifa 


Series "Stories for children" 


"Spending the night in an empty tavern"  Haifa