Dov Chomsky






Friends, each one of you had a nickname 

And nobody knows when from  

And, certainly: neither I could avoid 

Names and nicknames: "dreamer" and "arrogant" 


Friends, I still remember you  all, do you believe me? 

Still sound in my hearings the melodies 

I extend my tearful and silent hand 

To get up for an instant the curtain of years


Beside the river, between the forge and an old mill 

Did we play to the war, do you remember, friends? 

Oh! how painful, wars extended until here 

But it was not a game, neither a laugh, neither a fortuitous amusement 


We enjoyed a lot in our surroundings there are destruction and death 

Maybe, the river continuous flowing? 

To lift the curtain of the years for an instant and to see 

As from the gallery of the theater...




Where are you friends? Again your remembrance enter 

As the golden sun fills the dawn  

Maybe one of you  has calm the way of life? 

Tense and without fright? 


There is maybe one who is complete 

Without aging before time 

If you were with me, then together 

We would be surprised on the ashes of dreams 


If you were with me! Happy but not drunk of wine 

Again to sweeten this and that 

The thread of magic that was not yet cut off, 

And with that thread, to intertwine legends. 


The thread of magic, a thousand miracles and marvels 

Until the eternity would united us with force 

Without pity they murdered our mischief 

How much I love you, my friends, from then on..