DOV CHOMSKY who was President of  Hebrew Writers  Union in Eretz Israel, was one of those most outstanding children of Bereza.  


Born in October 1913, he was one of those graduated in Tarbut School of Kartuz Bereza. Then he studied in Hebrew Teachers Seminar in Vilna. In 1936 he emigrates to Israel, and  began to study in Hebrew University of Jerusalem. DOV taught in schools in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


CHOMSKY was member of the " Haganá " (army for the defense of Israel) and during the events of 1936/39 he was in its active section, and in the surveillance of Jerusalem area. In WWII was mobilized in Jewish brigade, and lent services in North Africa and in Europe.  


In year 1948 were correspondent for the Keren Ha'yesod in Poland. He remained there half year and he was "connection man" with refugees and survivors of Holocaust.  


Beginning in 1931 he began to publish in newspapers and in Hebrew literary collections in Israel and outside of this country. Among them " Currents " (Vilna), "The youth" (New York), "The world" (London), " In the road" (Warsaw), as well as and in the periodics " Davar " ," Ha'aretz ", " Scale ", "Pages" and " Gazit " (names of a town). 


DOV CHOMSKY was President of the Hebrew Writers Union in Israel from year 1958 until year 1974.  He died January 20 1976.  


(Extracted from the Encyclopedia written by DAVID TIDHAR, Section "Pioneers and Constructors of Israel", volume IV, Tel Aviv).