AHARÓN DAVID EGOZ was born in 1865 in Kartuz Bereza.  Until he was 11 years-old he studied in the Cheder and in the Talmud Torah in Pruzhany. With his own effort studied Russian, Yiddish and Hebrew. When he was 14 years old escaped to Slonim, to study in the Yeshiva. Then taught Torah in  villages and in field houses.  Also was a trader.  


In 1896 immigrated to US and was a trade man, in a town near New York. Then he was glazier, and later worked in a shop of clothes seam. 


In 1901 began to publish humor stories in the " Herald ", at the beginning without being paid. In 1902 was named permanent collaborator of  Herald, being then Redactor in Chief Y. HERMALIN. Then worked in " Worhait " that replaced Herald. One year later,  began to work in the "Morning Journal." 


EGOZ published a series of humor stories and rehearsals that were very well accepted by readers. Were published his books "Answers of Chana Pesl" (217 pages), "Tuvia Chaitl, luck delegate" (274 pages), "Pleasant stories for festival days" that included jokes, humorous legends for all year festivities and for all  social levels, New York, 1921 (283 pages). EGOZ translated from English to Yiddish  JULE VERNE's books called "20.000 leagues of submarine trip" and "Island of mysteries." 


AARON DAVID EGOZ translated to Yiddish our Rabbi and teacher  BECHAI's  book called "Duties of soul". The translation appeared first in New York in 1925, and was published an improved edition  in 1929. 


AARON DAVID EGOZ died in June, 1943