Ytzhak Sapir




At the end of WWI, my family decided to emigrate to Eretz Israel. My father YACKOV SAPIR was a religious Zionist man, and, as usual in those days, they sent us to schools where Yiddish was spoken language. Therefore we didn't speak Hebrew and this was a drawback.


Another drawback had Zionists in town. It was an economic-crisis time in Israel, and people suspected we wouldn't be well accepted there since many emigrated as well due to economic troubles. Our father was convinced to emigrate to Eretz Israel. He addressed great Zionist Jew MOISHE TABULITZKY (SHMUEL and ELIASAF's father) who encouraged our emigration.


The longed waited document came, and in 1926 we had the privilege of emigrating to Eretz Israel. We'll never forget the "justice" gift MOISHE TABULITZKY gave us, and thanks to that we stayed alive. May his memory be blessed