Baruch Fisher




The movement Ha'shomer Ha'tzair was created in Kartuz Bereza in the ' 20's , but because not receiving emigration certificates, some people emigrated to Argentina for not being mobilized in Polish army , and this way the activity in our town was interrupted. In  year 1933 were renewed activities with the help of teacher Miller of the Hebrew school Tarbut.  Among members of the branch were graduates of Tarbut, and who writes these lines.


We tied relationships with the movement He'chalutz and with "Workers of Eretz Israel" group. Most important for us was to achieve the yearning to emigrate to Eretz Israel. The first emigrants of the Kartuz Bereza He'chalutz branch  was ELIÉZER NISELBOIM and NECHAMA YBER. They received certificates and  emigrated in years 1934/35.


 I arrived at the training farm of Ha"shomer in the city of Grodno, and I was there two and half years. British didn't give certificates to emigrate and I traveled to Israel under "illegal conditions". At the beginning of year 1939 I arrived to Ertzlia  coast, and of there we were transported to the Kibbutz "Gib'at Ha'shomer" ( watch's hill) in Kfar Saba near town Tzofit. I had later the privilege of being one of the founders of the Kibbutz Dan in  north border of Israel, and I live here happy until today.


Looking those days of the past, I don't doubt that we lost much of our ideological fights, but they were true discussions, although in essence our objective was to serve a single and same aim. Be my words a small homage for members of all movements that dreamt to arrive to Eretz Israel and they didn't achieve it, because infamous hands removed their young lives.