Shmuel Tinari (Tabulitzky)




 At the end of the 20's began to work in our town Kartuz Bereza the organization "Betar" . Youths of our town SARA GRUZALKA, KEILE NAIDUS, LEAH DANTZIG and MASHA SHTUKER, returned home for summer vacations, because they studied in Vilna in secondary schools, and in secondary level of Tarbut schools net.


The organization was headed by YECHIEL URBACH, who abandoned "Ha'shomer Ha'tzair" and moved youth to join "Betar". At the same time YECHIEL URBACH instructed school children as well as youth worker-student. Among the first adherent were MENACHEM FITKOVSKY, BINYAMIN VOLOVELSKY, YTZCHAK SOMOROVITZKY, DOV CHOMSKY, ABRAHAM MINKOVITZ, ZVI GOLDBERG, CHAIA BRAVERMAN, YAFA LISKOVSKY, YOCHEVED NUSETZKY, ARON REZNIK and others.  Also, all they had the privilege of emigrating to Eretz Israel in the years 30, and only leaders YECHIEL URBACH, LEAH DANTZIG and YOCHEVED NOSERTZKY didn't have this privilege.


Betar branch developed social and cultural activities. Were carried out night of study and reflection, meetings, walks, encounters with members of other Betar branches in near areas, as for example in the town of Malcz, and in the bifurcation of the road, in the towns; Bereza, Pruzhany and Kobrin. The branch of Bereza participated in meetings in all branches of Betar movement that were carried out in Warsaw. In the field of Education,  stimulated the progress of pre military  instruction and  military maneuvers. The representatives of the branches of Betar in Bereza, MENACHEM FITKOVSKY and BINIAMIN VOLOVELSKY, participated in the first central commandants course, organized by the maximum authorities of Betar in Poland directed by YRMIAHU HALPERN of Israel, and under direct inspection of ZEEV ZABOTINZKY, first figure of Betar movement.


Graduated of first central course were nominated commandants and immediately began to deliver courses of military instruction in each district. The first one was carried out in Kobrin, commanded by MENACHEM FITKOVSKY and BINIAMIN VOLOVELSKY. Of Bereza branch participated: ZVI GOLBERG, ISRAEL KAGANSKY and others.


Betar activity was known and influenced very much   in  daily life of youth's labor  and student. In  years 30's ,  the movement grew day by day. Brought to it many youths that would had leaned toward  extreme left under other conditions, and who knows if had not gotten lost for Jewish people.


I remember especially an important event. Were written many protest letters signed by men of Kartuz Bereza, addressed to British authorities, against limitations imposed to emigration to Eretz Israel, that  were given to  authorities through  Betar branch in Warsaw.


I remember that in our town was carried out an exciting Nationalist Assembly with the participation of MENACHEM BEGUIN, later first minister in Israel, and then commandant of Betar in Polesia District. After an internal military inspection in  Betar branch, was carried out a popular meeting in the synagogue "Of the rich", in town's main route.


The opponents who were of the extreme Zionist left, infiltrated the meeting place, without having the acceptance of Betar guardians. They promised not to bother, but they didn't honored their promise, and caused interferences and screams. MENACHEM BEGUIN delivered an aloud and strong speech. It was noticed that he was sure, and confident of what he claimed. Many of them were convinced absolutely, and the rest were very impressed.


With growth of national movement Betar, grew and fortified rivalry among Zionist groups.  It is necessary to highlight that the non Zionist right was indifferent and apathetic and  didn't enter in Zionist fight. They waited the "Messiah, redeemer of Jewish people", and the speech of BEGUIN moved the roots of Jewish people until its base.


In year 1934 command of Betar stepped to intermediate levels, as youth was mobilized at the end of years ' 20 and beginning of years ' 30. SHMUEL TABULITZKY was chosen major of youth branch, and ZVI LISKOVKY was secretary. When they emigrated to Israel, the branch again stepped at the hands of "first generation". At the end of year 1938 emigrated with the group " B " organized by  authorities of Betar in Warsaw, members BINIAMIN VOLOVELSKY, AVIVA KASIRESKY, CHAIM ALEXANDROVSKY, SIMCHA NOSETZKY, and ELISAF TABULITZKY.  Until April 1939 they were arriving to safe coasts of Eretz Israel.