Eliezer Egozy



"BET HA'AM" (People's House)


Kartuz Bereza was a small town. There were a few thousands inhabitants in all. It was mostly a Jewish community that was divided into two blocs: Zionists and Yidishists. There were three Jewish schools and one state polish school in town. In Tarbut school Hebrew was taught (its authorities were Zionist), the Yiddish school had a Bund direction (Jewish Workers party), and Talmud Torah was controlled by Bereza Rabbis.


I studied at Talmud Torah school, but before ending my studies I joined "Young Guardian" (Hashomer Hatzair) movement. When I grew up I started to visit "Bet Ha'am" located in MOISHE TABULITZKY's house. He belonged to a honorable family, and was said that they used to be very rich in the past. Both the synagogue and its street were named after them, and also "Bet Ha' am" worked in their house.


During my frequent visits, I cultivated a friendly relationship with the family, despite the fact that they were older than me; it was very nice to talk with them. Their children were educated in a Zionist spirit, and they emigrated to Israel. Their sons SHMUEL and ELISAPH are with us in Israel nowadays.


At "Bet Ha'am" all kind of Zionist activities were carried out. On Fridays, Saturday's eve, and Saturday night many young and adult friends used to meet in "Quiz Evenings", or in lectures dictated by eminent Zionists, and other activities for the KKL. Our colleague TZIPORA LISITZKY was in charge of KKL activities. She used to organize at the end of every month groups of couples who would go house by house collecting money for the moneybox. For instance, the KKL organized "Flowers Day", and its income was to this institution. She was in touch with head offices.


I want to remember and point out some activist friends: MEIR FODOSTROITZA teacher, MEIR STEIN of Hebrew School who wasn't inhabitant of our town, MENACHEM FITKOVSKY, MOISHE TUCHMAN. There was in our town a branch of "Young Pioneer" (He'chalutz Ha'tzair) movement, leaded by MORDECHAI POMERANTZ, YTZCHAK MORDECHAI YAVER, RACHEL and YAKOV BERKOVITZ, CHAIM and YONA BEER. YONA emigrated to Israel in 1936 and many people of "He'chalutz" emigrated in those days too. I want to point out some of them: SHOSHANA YAVER, MOISHE SHPITKY Z''L (blessed his memory), AVIGDOR GOLDBERG and many others.