Manifesto of  National Zionist List 5


To Jewish population of Bereza!


We're facing a very important event in our community life. After years of neglect and carelessness, our institutions were leaded by minorities, or else didn't exist at all. Now we have the chance to lead our own religious, national, cultural and social affairs, to heal all pain points in our Jewish life, and to strengthen it.


The community must be the link point of Jewish people, to develop a healthy and normal life, to have a better present and a happy and lightful future. That's why every Jew has to examinate very carefully who are going to be his representatives, who will have to really know the aforementioned aims, as well as the ability to achieve them.


If you look at living standard in last decades, you'll see that Zionist movement in all its ways (workers, artisans, traders) became into the basis and foundation of Jewish life in the spirit of a glorious past and hopes for a better future for our people. Only this movement has the strength to fight against all odds, step by step, building and fortifying our existence.


The results of these elections show that a majority of  Jewish people in this country gave their destiny to national Zionist representatives hands, who fight for our national honor and our vital interests.


Zionist movement in Bereza has been active in several fields of our community life, some of them of great importance. By a big effort we achieved to keep away and silence the attacks from right-wing people who wanted to rule the small world of Bereza and lead it according to their point of view.


Our national cultural activities were reasons for right-wing people to free themselves from ignorance and accept they need to improve their level. This is just the beginning. The vigorous work remains to be done.


That's why we address to you, brothers!


 If you want somebody to defend your interests. If you don't want your children to move away from you and our town.


If you don't want your children to grow lost from you  and in an indifferent life.


If you want your children to be proud Jews


If you want to give a hand for the big construction.


If you want to be partners of our town's flourishing, spend your efforts together with our best children, and be a participant of a builders generation, for our highest ideals to come true...


Everybody vote for National Zionist List Nš5.