Moshe Bernshtein




Three persons who lived in Kartuz Bereza influenced me, both sentimental and emotionally. I remember them lovingly.


MEIR BERMAN the painter, teacher and instructor, he was a bright impressionist painter. He painted a lot about men, and about  Kartuz Bereza and its surroundings panorama. In days of WWI he arrived in Byalistok and there he shared his destiny with his wife.


LEIBL KAPLAN the composer, musician and chorus director, also a teacher and bright educator. His pieces were poetical and full of feelings. He spent days of war in Kartuz Bereza, and along with his wife was murdered by nazis.


BERL SHTUKER, impressive liturgical singer, he had a powerful tenor voice, that made tremble hearts and impressed his listeners. His name got to be known in Western Europe and USA. In 1935 he emigrated to Israel and died there.


May their souls be linked with life's continuity!