By Adina Gross (Eydl Averbuch)




On June 14, 1888, the Pruzana-born Jews in New York set up the Pruziner Charity and Benevolent Association which included Jews from Pruzana and the surrounding area. They even bought a special cemetery in New York. The organization was headed by my uncle (brother of my father), Moshe Aharon AVERBUCH and he was joined by several relatives called HALPERN and three more Pruzana Jews. In 1920 or 1921, Moshe-Aaron came to visit his family and brought gifts with him money and regards to the inhabitants of Pruzana from their relatives in the United States.


From morning to night, people came to my grandfather's home (Hananya AVERBUCH). He lived in 12 Sherschev Street where my uncle stayed and people came to receive greetings and money from their relatives in New York and its environs. My uncle visited Rabbi David FAYGENBAUM, may his blood be avenged, to clarify what the Pruzana organization could do to help residents in need of financial aid. When my uncle returned to New York, he reported to the organization about his talk with the rabbi. It was agreed that a sum of money be sent each year to the rabbi for the purpose of "Passover charity". My grandfather and father and a few more inhabitants would divide up the money to poor families, according to need.


It is very hard to believe that there are no more than three Jewish families in Pruzana. This is what my brother told me when he visited my home in Atlanta, Georgia in 1969.