Natan Rozin




I still remember as it were happened yesterday. I was born in a small house located in Synagogue's yard beside Great Bet Medresh.  There was the Talmud Torah directed by Rabbi YESAHIE. The synagogue which set on fire was surrounded by a fence, inside of it grew grass, and we males hunted little birds there. We played to the merry-go-rounds. In eves of Pesach was opened the fence, put a wooden tub with boiling water, and all inhabitants brought  Pesach Chinas to make them " Kosher " ( TN: capable for the use in Pesach). Even sound in my hearings Yeshiva youth songs repeating "And said AVAIA".... which was listened through open windows of Great Bet Medresh. 


I also remember how my mother took me the first time to the Cheder and the angel threw a coin from the sky, but just as mom  moved away I ran crying after her, because I didn't want to stay in the Cheder.  MOISHE the beadle came to look for me, to take me again to Cheder. I remember dad, R' MORDECHAI ARON, the beadle of  Bet Medresh "Achnosas Orchim", dressed with his Sabbath "Kaftan" with the  Chasidic cap, his beautiful beard and his boots polished in honor of Saturday. I remember him staying on Bet Medresh "Achnosas Orchim" octopus, directing the choir that sang "Kol Nidrey", while women in upper gallery melted crying.


Surrounding us, burned lamps. On the octopus hung a great lamp with candles that illuminated whole Synagogue. On one side was standing son ALTER, also directing the choir. Next to oriental wall were rich proprietors with their hats "galley" style , while MORDECHAI ARON covered his head with the ritual mantel intoning "As shepherd takes care of  flock". DODELATZKE sang "Dear son" with soprano's voice and accompanied by the choir. It was a pleasure to listen these melodies.  Who doesn't remember Friday evenings in Pruzhany? The mill siren whistled before lighting candles. MENDEL, the jester, ran to accelerate so that people close business, because was Saturday eve.


In all houses  Sabbath candles appeared. I see mom standing in our humble house, the table spread with white cloth, Sabbath braided breads, chandeliers and candles, and mom blessing  candles with great emotion. Dad came from  Bet Medresh singing "Sholem Aleichem" (TN: peace is with you). 


I remember years of 1905 Revolution in Pruzhany.  The Bundist were walking in a sidewalk, and  anarchists in another. Suddenly " Dragons "  squadron arrived mounted on horses to disperse  demonstrators. Who doesn't remember parades with red flags going Neguidish St.  down, near SHVAKAVSKE St..  Males were with white gloves and women with red blouses, they went in front of Police building, they sang the hymn "The Oath" and other marches. Were also present firemen command with red caps. There was a lot of movement in the city. To it's front was standing the notary with his long mustaches, the orchestra's Director marked the compass, and musicians followed him playing their instruments. They went to perform a show.