Before WWII

Main Synagogue

Gabrisher Sinagogue Shasaine St

Wooden Synagogue

Jewish Hospital

Unique Two Floor Building

Market Place

Market Place Sorrounding

Market Place in a Holiday

Old Man and his Wagon: Israel Barawitzky


Cemetery Street

Shasaine Street

Shteine Street with Wooden Pathway

Kutnitzser Street

Street at Postovnik

Rav Shlomo Halevi Feinzilber

Rav Itzhak Elchanan Spector

WWI Help Commitee With USA Members

Bible Studies School Teachers and Students

1930 By the Beginning of Yavneh School

Yavneh School

Yavneh School Itzhak Tabulitzky Near it

Yavneh School Teachers and Students I

Yavneh School Teachers and Students II

Yavneh School  Students with Teacher Manie Serlin

Jewish Public Popular School - Theater Circle

Jewish Public Popular School 3rd Class in 1923

Jewish Public Popular School 5rd Graduated Group 1927

Jewish Public Popular School Students and Teachers

Kartuzian Monastery

Yard in front of monastery

Remains of Kartuzian Monastery

Young Children Working in a Sawmill

1922 Firemen May 3

1926 Group of Young Immigrants to Israel

1931 Labor Day Meeting

1934 Defense Lines

1935 Aron Ha'Kodesh

Farewell To Moshe and Sonia Sapir

Commitee for Keren Kayemet Le'Israel

Young People From the Town

Bereza's Soldiers

Soldiers Home Being Reconstructed

Yad Vashem Collection

Bereza Kartuska, Monument to those murdered at the site in July 1942

Jewish Cemetery

Stone Hinda Tzirel Zalpeshkin
Stone Name Can Not Be Read
Stone Israel Skidelsky

Holocaust and Survivors

Brona Gura Memorial Stone
Memorial Stone in Cholon

Survivors Near a Memorial Stone in Germany I

Survivors Near a Memorial Stone in Germany II



Bereza Street I

Bereza Street II

Monastery West Side
Monastery Inside I
Monastery Inside II
Town Goats
Nivishchi Village
Podosie Village
Svadbichi Village


Ballot in Jewish Kahal

Kahal Voting Sionist National Party Call
Wedding Invitation
Children Party Program at Yavneh School
Yavneh School Thanks to Argentina Berezer
Student Qualifications Notebook

Sample Page of 1929 Census

Jewish Colonial Trust Certificate

Jewish National Fund Golden Certificate

Letter to USA Jews Signatures From Bereza Jews

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