Moishe Yudevitsh[i]




I was in Pruzhany 4 or 5 times. The whole city is razed by fire. I found only the following streets: Brisker, Shereshev, Pacevitz, Potshove, Zabrod, Derechin, Phataposke, a part of Kobrin. All other streets and back streets were burnt July 20 1944[iii]... .I began to put order in myself.


All the time we didn't know what happened with our family, neither when nazis annihilated them. But in the spring of 1945, some survivors came to Pruzhany.

[i] This excerpt is mentioned here to understand how was Pruzhany just after liberation in 1944

[ii] You will find his complete story in another section. The author was settled in Kobrin and visited Pruzhany from there.

[iii] Same day Kobrin was liberated. This it to say that Pruzhany was burnt very close to its liberation.